Every once in a while...

It's not every day you stumble across a truly elevated soul. Every once in a while though, life puts someone in your path who's purpose is to shift your direction. Sometimes ever so slightly, sometimes with catapulting force. 

When I first met Nancy, I knew she was one of those people. She emenated an ethereal quality and although I couldn't quite put my finger on what or how, I sensed a force that would nudge me toward something I needed to see. 

Creating this site for Nancy was an honour. I'm so proud to have played a part in getting her amazing work out into the world -- I couldn't ask for a better role in her artistic journey.  

Make no mistake though, Nancy is so much more than 'just' an artist. She is deeper. She is connected in a way we must all strive to be. 

I hope you enjoy Nancy's work as much as I do. There's a collection of breathtaking pieces up for sale in her gallery, or consider being brave and letting her channel a custom piece, just for you. Just for your soul; just for your journey. 

-Genna Conte, Lot 86 Media